The Beginning.

The day when I first thought of lines,
The day when I first thought of shapes;

A sunny afternoon when I first drew a face,
A crying girl who wanted to tell her tale;

Long many years back when I first thought of life and death,
I saw the charred remains on the deserted plains;

A horse with a broken leg,
Trying to walk just a single step;
To reach within a garbage bag,
That icy afternoon, in front of my gate;

That bull trying to pull his weight,
The lines of that harness, trying to cut his neck;

Those moss green eyes in front of me,
Making me wonder about its heritage;

All the while I tried to comprehend,
The harsh truths of life and its pace;

When I started to learn the happiness,
I saw the beauty in that hideous place;

I saw him with her on a mare,
Wind and sun shine blowing on their face;

I saw her swinging under a tree, near a lake,
Her mother cooking nearby and sang;

I saw him for the first time in my life then,
And I thanked god for making me what i was then;

I felt a tied of happiness in a moment,
And a fierce stab of pain in the next;

I had lost him once in a dream, and,
I lost him than, once, all over again;

When I woke on those tormented nights,
Running towards him and the safety of his face;

I tried to draw him with no success,
In my thoughts there always was a faceless face;

I wanted to draw all that, but never with a pen,
I created in my mind the world of lines and shapes;

Colors started to seep in, them,
Making them more vivid and fact;

With those blended boundaries about them,
They drew me to distraction and unrest;

After so many long years of quest,
Again, a sunny afternoon, AT LAST;
At last, I find paint brush in my hands,

The beginning of a journey, towards realizing that face!!

By Nital Bhuva.