"In the name of science and progress- THE MOTHER EARTH"

In the pain induced trance,
I saw the vision of this land;

I smelled the earthy fragrance,
the essence of life and lull;

I felt on extended hands,
the soothing cool of water with the air;

The aura of the heavens,
alights this world with its blaze;

I walked down the path,
to... the lush vegetation and the plains;

Deep in to the forests,
where life grows and rests;

where the wind blew clean and cool,
soothing the wounds of even the dead;

suddenly with the start,
i wakes to the real;

which never fails to lurk,
from behind the golden face;

the darkness of the hell,
has, descended on this place;

soot suffocates my heart,
already buried under the plastic carts;

i gathers this charred remains,
the mother earth in my hands;

which once used to be a salve,
slips from my fingers now;

and what was once a balm,
poisons my blood now;

the ambrosia which i dreamed of,
evaporated in the air;

and the right to be alive,
dead before the death.

By Nital Bhuva